Home Workout Videos

Home Workout Videos

We get it: You want to start your own home work-out schedule, but you have no idea how to perform the exercises. Perhaps you are new to working out, or there are a few exercises that you need help with. Fortunately, there are plenty of home workout videos available online and on your mobile device. What’s great about home workout videos is that you can get personal training from coaches, instead of relying on yourself to guess how to exercise properly.
YouTube is a great source for home workout videos. It does not matter if you are a man or a women, or if you are looking to build muscle or burn fat; there will always be something for you.

If you want quick, easy and fun workouts, then take a look at these YouTube accounts:
– FitnessBlender
– FitnessType
– Athlean-X
– Athlean- XX for Women
– The Healthy Gamer
– Jordan Yeoh Fitness
– The Body Coach TV
– The Lean Machines
– Six Pack Shortcuts & Abs after 40
If, however, you want something a bit more professional that also includes a meal plan, then you can always purchase home workout videos online. Here are some of the best home workout videos available:
– The Insanity workout program. Created by Shaun T; this program aims to give you a ripped body in 2 months (60 days). Sounds too good to be true? Check it out, this program comes with a money-back guarantee if you are not happy with the results. Insanity is ideal for those that want to look buff, without having to spend extra on equipment.
– XTFMAX. If you are looking for a female led, body-intense program that will help you lose fat, build muscle and tone your whole body, then the XTFMAX has everything that you are looking for. Presented by Stephanie Oram, this 12-week intense program will keep you motivated with various workouts such as, cardio, hard core, total body blitz, circuit burnout and much more. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, there are different workouts for different levels. This home workout video pack also comes with a diet plan, training guide and a planning calendar.
– Jessica Smith: Boost metabolism and build muscle! This home workout DVD is aimed at women with the aim to lose weight and build muscle. It contains 3, half-an-hour fat blasting and strength condition workouts, circuit training that focuses on your upper, lower and whole body. This workout requires a mat and two sets of dumbbells.
– Shaun T’s CIZE Dance Workout. Your home workout doesn’t cizejust have to be about body weight circuits, it could include dancing. As mentioned before, Shaun T is the man that brought you the Insanity program, and in this program he aims to get you fit in just 4 weeks. The CIZE workout is a great idea as it makes working out fun. It comes with 6 workout classes and an ab workout DVD too. This is ideal for beginners, because not only does this make exercising fun, but it can make you very fit in just a short amount of time. Not only that, but in a month’s time, you could be the hot new thing to hit the dance floor at your local nightclub.

There are plenty of home workout videos available to suit your needs. If you’d like to learn more about some, click on the link. It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or an expert, you can find something that will interest you. Check out YouTube, Amazon and also Udemy for more information.

Benefits of a Home Exercise Program

Forget about spending unnecessary time or money going to a gym to maintain a healthy workout routine. In fact, you can get ripped at home, without even stepping a home workouttoe beyond your porch. Home exercise programs can benefit you in the same way in which a gym program would.

Here are some advantages of using your home as your workout zone.

No time wasted in commuting

Not every gym is within a two-minute walking distance. Even if it was, perhaps it is too hot, or too cold for you to make that short walk. More often than not you will find yourself making excuses for not going to the gym because you can’t bear the traffic. Or if you are working out at the end of the day, you may be too weary to make it through all that commotion on the roads only to find the gym bustling with people who are queuing up to use the machines. When you work out at home, you can beat that traffic by not having to go anywhere, and you can beat those lines by having all those dumbbells waiting to be used just by you.

A gym won’t decide your routine

Home exercise programs can be much more effective that gym workouts for the simple reason that they don’t dictate your daily routine. If you went to a gym, you’d have to be up and about by a certain time, or you will have to leave office by a specific time so that you can pack in your workout in your busy schedule. On the other hand, at home, the clock will never dictate you. You can adjust your workout plan as per your day. Whenever you find yourself with 45-60 minutes of spare time, you can get your blood pumping.

You can be much more focused

As much fun a gym can be, there are too many distractions there. Instead, when you opt to workout at home, it’s just you and your equipment. You can focus on your exercise form and maximize your results. In the gym, you would find yourself waiting for another person to finish their reps before you can take your turn at the machine. That will never happen when you work out in the comfort of your home.

You may not have a good gym in the vicinity

It would never make sense to enroll in a gym that was 30 minutes out of your way from work or home, for the simple reason that you will end up finding excuses for not going. When no good gym options exist close by to where you live or work, working out at home might be your only option.

You don’t have to think for a moment about how you look

Going to the gym means being dressed up. It might also make you conscious of any grunts that you emit while lifting something heavy or when your muscle stretches far too much. At your home, you are comfortable enough to focus only on your workout and not on how you look or what weird noises you might be making. You can be yourself, completely in your element, and get ripped at home.


Convenient Solutions For Focus T25 Workout

Focus T25

Many are in search of a workout routine that will surely help them improve their overall health. Some do not have the option of going to the gym and get assistance from an expert because of busy schedule. This is not a concern only a few experiences because a lot are really having this problem. They may have the intention but they would rather spend the time resting than travel all the way to the gym them go home to rest. Shaun T’s Focus T25 workout is something that best fit people having this concern.

T25 Workout Program

This was created by the same person who did the Insanity Program. Shaun T is known for his energetic and thorough routines that really burns the calories in the entire body. You can be sure that there are routines that will work your legs. The workouts include a fast-paced variety of squats, jumps, kicks, lunges, and jumping jacks, which work your legs from every angle. Lunges, deadlifts, and squats all work those back-end muscles are the routines he incorporated that focuses on the glutes. Since this program also focuses on the core, abdominal exercises can be expected.

The Ab Intervals DVD in the Alpha phase includes exercises for the abs and also the back. The Upper Focus DVD in the Beta phase works the back as well. You can consider this program as an intense, high-impact, high-energy cardio workout that will really burn your fats ad calories away in the form of aerobics but do expect this to improve your strength even if you will not be using any hand weights while performing any of the routines. For 25 minutes in 5 days, you no longer have to worry about getting rid of those excess weight. You can reach your destination in no time if you focus on what the DVD tells you to do.

Fundamental Aspects Of Focus T25 Workout

Aspects of T25 Workout

Do you think there is a workout routine that will help you tone and build your body the way you want it to be that will only last for less than half an hour? You would probably think it is impossible that is why you decided not to sign up at any gym because that is the only amount of time you can spare. This is actually a common concern. Not many has the time to visit the gym to workout and some are not excited to get inside thinking that they do not belong there since they have too much excess fats. If you have this insecurity, the motivation is not going to be there at all.

However, this shouldn’t be the reason why you should stop yourself from working out. Shaun T has found a way to help all those people having these concerns. Focus T25 workout is something you can do anywhere for just 25 minutes. Focus T25 is not for the faint of heart though. This is an intense, high-impact workout that doesn’t let up for the full 25 minutes. You can be sure that every major muscle group is getting thorough workout.

You should not expect any kind of breaks because this is going to be a very tiring session. You ca be sure that you core is going to get ripped. You do not have to worry about being unable to follow what Shaun is teaching you to do. The cardiovascular routines will definitely burn the fats throughout your body. You can also find a DVD that contains ab intervals, something that focuses on strengthening your abdominal muscles. There are other routines that focuses on other parts of the body which is really beneficial for those who do not have much time in their hands.